Author: Buffy Smith


Wise words from fundraising royalty


We caught up with Diana and Jonathan from ‘Life Over the Edge’ who have taken a minute to share with us their fundraising secrets. I’d listen up if I were you, the lucky duo smashed the annual Cool Earth competition and are jetting off to Peru in May to see how their...

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Rally the Troops


Each year mad hatter Adventurists from all over the world raise an incredible amount of cash for Cool Earth. In 2016 a mind boggling £211,4290 was raised by you lovely lot. This amounts to 245,717 trees saved from deforestation and has prevented 916,193 tonnes of CO2 from being released into...


Legends from the East


The January edition of the Rickshaw Run 2017 has culminated in a cloud of dust as teams raced to the finish line. Their trusty steads, reduced to gaffa tape and glue, limped to the podium to get the all-important victory photo. Jonathan and William from Ganesha Karma fully experienced the...


Rickshaw Run Round Up


As the halfway point of the January 2017 Rickshaw Run is fast approaching I thought it’d be appropriate to catch up with some of our top fundraising teams. Jess, Chris, Jake and Craig from the Lungi Beans and the Truffle Hunters have made a bold move and are travelling as...


The future of food and the forest


Between today and 2050, farmland will expand by more than 740 million acres. This is an area larger than India. In tropical rainforests across the globe, commercial agriculture is the direct driver for up to a third of all deforestation. But it doesn’t have to be this destructive. A recent...


Rainforest Allotments


The vegetables grown by the Asháninka would win prizes at any county show. Strong sunshine, together with tropical downpours, make for beautiful fresh produce. It wasn’t always like this. It’s thanks to The Adventurists that people like Micaela are able to grow food for their families. Simple things like tools...


If you go down to the woods today…


Every year Cool Earth runs a competition for the wondrous Adventurists teams. All teams that raise over £1,000 for Cool Earth get put into a draw. If you win that draw you’ll be heading out to the rainforest to meet the Asháninka and see how your fundraising helps our village...


We’ve got a crush on the Mongol Rally


The Mongol Rally Launch has a special place in our hearts at Cool Earth. Like love sick school kids we write the date in our diaries surrounded by fluorescent hearts and stars. That’s why when The Adventurists asked us to run the bar this year we jumped with joy and...

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The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy


There was even more call for gin consumption last month with two very important milestone birthdays being celebrated (and we’re not including Cool Earth turning nine). Sir David Attenborough and HM the Queen both turned 90. And like The Adventurists, both are supporters of Cool Earth’s approach. Sir David Attenborough...

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Win the Trip of a Lifetime


Ahoy there Adventurists. First of all let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Jess and I’m “Adventurist Fundraising Guru Mark II”. I’m here to answer all your fundraising queries, from how to set up your fundraising page to the best ways to screw money out of your boss....