Cool Earth at the 2015 Mongol Rally Launch


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A Mongol Rally Launch is a unique beast. It’s a chaotic mix of excitement, camaraderie, sweat and stupidity. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a collection of terribly pimped out granny mobiles with shopping trolly roof racks and homemade go faster stripes, alongside a group of people crazy enough to drive them half way across the globe. It really is a sight to behold.

This year Cool Earth descended on Goodwood Racetrack, the venue for this years launch. We came determined to greet every team and offer them some much needed words of encouragement before they departed for Mongolia. Our favourites included, “Yes of course your 1995 Renault 5 looks up to the task”, “No, I hear the roads in Kazakstan are great” and “I’m sure the gaffer tape will hold firm”. Some truly inspirational advice that will not soon be forgotten.IMG_1213

Team ‘Don’t Be Russian Us’ didn’t need any of our words of wisdom, as they came unusually prepared for the rally and looked positively resplendent in their Cool Earth gear.


Some teams arrive at the launch in fancy dress, others turn up in their own branded team shirts, some come dressed in their finest three pieces suits and some decided to wear nothing at all. And then there’s this team, who decided to wear terrifying donkey masks.

Photo 18-07-2015 22 37 44

Cool Earth’s Chief Matthew took to the dance floor in buoyant mood after delivering a very moving and emotional speech. We have no idea how he ended up on this poor chaps shoulders all we do know is that he was still there 20 minutes later.


Team Brazil Nuts opted for a subtle and understated tropical theme for their car and came fully prepared for any club tropicana themed parties they may stumble upon.


The rally finally got underway as the all the teams were waved off in what can only be described as the slowest, least reliable procession ever witnessed.

We all had a great time and returned with only mild headaches and minor bruising (Thanks to Matthew’s fascination with a t-shirt cannon). We’re already well underway planning bigger and better things for next year. I hope you’re ready 2016 ralliers!

Onwards, save the world, we salute you.


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