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Last Month I went head to head with Mr Joolz of the Adventurists on a colossal month-long fundraising challenge. We spend a lot of time telling other people how to raise money, and it was time for us to prove we could do it too. The aim? To see who could raise the most, with a bottle of the finest Peruvian Pisco on the line. Not that we’re competitive at all…

Mr Joolz’s fundraising plan revolved around getting an ill conceived tattoo and being waterboarded… I decided on a more traditional approach, taking on increasingly punishing weekly challenges to compel people to donate.

Check out the ridiculous video’s below to see the highlights from each week’s fundraising.

(Disclaimer: it gets quite sweaty around week 3)

Week 1 – Larvae Lunch

For the first week I decided to get rid of my packed lunches and be a bit more adventurous and expand my culinary horizons. I won’t be doing that again.

Week 2 – Going Green

Nothing shows commitment to the cause like dying your hair a ridiculous colour, I chose green. What I didn’t bank on was my colleges enthusiasm for dying my eyebrows too.

Week 3 – Crazy Commute

The morning commute can be really dull, so I thought I’d make mine a little more challenging. I went too far.

Week 4 – Half Marathon

The final week I decided to finish with a fundraising classic, a good old fashioned half marathon, and the toughest one in the UK might I add. I pitted myself against the immeasurable running talents of Cool Earth’s head honcho Matthew. Safe to say I was well and truly bested.

As you can see fundraising doesn’t have to be about bake sales and aggressive chugger waving, it really can be a whole heap of fun. Put yourself out there, throw away your last shreds of dignity and do something ridiculous. Not only will you feel great afterwards, but you’ll raise heaps of cash and most importantly of all, we’ll love you for it. I learnt a huge amount from the last months fundraising exploits and you can read all of my thoughts and tips right here.

Finally If you need any help with your fundraising then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, it’s what I’m here for.

Onwards, save the world, we salute you.



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