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The January edition of the Rickshaw Run 2017 has culminated in a cloud of dust as teams raced to the finish line. Their trusty steads, reduced to gaffa tape and glue, limped to the podium to get the all-important victory photo.
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Jonathan and William from Ganesha Karma fully experienced the highs and lows of the Richskaw Run, compounded by poor wardrobe planning when pressing on through the cold darkness of the north. A quick dash to the market though and they were well kitted out for the finish line.


Will’s emergency attire for the day’s final push


‘Cultural immersion’











Jennifer, Katie and Mohit saw so much on their way north that they had a serious game of catch up to play. Driving 100s of kilometes a day to make up for lost time, their bones were nearly shattered. However, with no time to stop but keen to get some media coverage and win some serious Cool Earth brownie points, they were interviewed on the go with the journalist riding alongside their rickshaw on a scooter. Their relentless attitude meant that they came a cropper, when their worn through breaks from their daredevil driving failed. The result? An emergency crash landing in a ditch.


Unorthodox yet effective.

Ian and Chris from ‘Sphincter Fatigue’ really threw themselves into the Indian way of life, testing their bowels to the max and boldly claiming that even the worst food in India is better than anything you might find in the Birmingham Balti Triangle. They’ve come away as changed people though, full of warm fuzzy feelings bestowed upon them by the kind-hearted nation. So it’s not all breakdowns and near misses. Promise.

It’s fair to say that it’s a hard ol’ race, but we’ve got to make it tough cause nobody will pull their wallet out to fund your jolly.

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After battling through adversity to complete the race our brave veterans have raised a whopping TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS, with moolah still rolling in. Congratulations, have a beer.

Did I hear someone say Mongol Rally?

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