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Each year mad hatter Adventurists from all over the world raise an incredible amount of cash for Cool Earth. In 2016 a mind boggling £211,4290 was raised by you lovely lot. This amounts to 245,717 trees saved from deforestation and has prevented 916,193 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, a pretty amazing feat.

Now over here at Cool Earth HQ we enjoy some healthy competition, and we’re not adverse to a little bribery. So by way of fundraising incentive, we’ve dreamed up a competition to end all competitions, with a prize that is so impressive people faint at the very idea of it…

The game is simple. Any Adventurist that raises over £1000 for Cool Earth gets entered into the prize draw. Street rules apply.

And what do you win I hear you cry?

A once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Asháninka in the Peruvian Amazon. This is a prize that nobody else can offer. You’ll be living in the rainforest with the community, and be seeing just how important your donations have been in transforming the lives of the Asháninka, and protecting the rainforest. We think you’ll agree that this is pretty big deal, one that’s worth fighting for.

Last year 3 British nutters came with us, Sam, Elliot and Angus. They had a whale of a time, see for yourself.

This year team ‘Life Over the Edge’ came up trumps, Diana and Jonathan will be joining us in Peru this May, and it’s safe to say they cannot wait. Watch this space to see how they did it.

The first steps to fundraising glory is setting up a fundraising page. Luckily for you we’ve got just the ticket.


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