Rickshaw Run Round Up


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As the halfway point of the January 2017 Rickshaw Run is fast approaching I thought it’d be appropriate to catch up with some of our top fundraising teams.

Jess, Chris, Jake and Craig from the Lungi Beans and the Truffle Hunters have made a bold move and are travelling as a rickshaw duo.

Unfortunately, they’ve quickly come a cropper (multiple times) and had to be taken by their roadside mechanic’s family.


Luckily this has given them ample time to explore some beautiful beaches, and now they’re back on the road playing a serious game of catch up.

Jonathan and William of Ganesha Karma went off the starting blocks all guns blazing, leaving them with a dented rickshaw within 10 minutes.

Shaken but unperturbed they’re homing in on Goa.

And finally we have Ian and Chris of the gloriously named Sphincter Fatigue. We’re not sure whether to feel honoured or scorned that the Cool Earth logo has been lovingly painted onto their rickshaw… but we’re so pleased with their fundraising efforts that we’ll let them off.

These two mean business though as Ian has reportedly said “Three curries a day eaten with our right hands should ensure we get a taste of the squits before the finish line”

With just over a week to go I’m sure we’ll have many more breakdown stories to come. Good Luck and keep dodging those potholes!


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