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There was even more call for gin consumption last month with two very important milestone birthdays being celebrated (and we’re not including Cool Earth turning nine). Sir David Attenborough and HM the Queen both turned 90. And like The Adventurists, both are supporters of Cool Earth’s approach.

Sir David Attenborough has backed Cool Earth from the start, and used his 90th Birthday to highlight his concerns about climate change. The reign of Her Maj is being honoured by a unique initiative, and Cool Earth is very excited to be a part of it.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy is a network of forest conservation initiatives throughout the 53 nations of the Commonwealth. It shows how the Commonwealth can act together to benefit from shared knowledge and experience. Cool Earth is proud as punch to be leading the project, and we were extra pleased when it got the seal of approval from Sir David himself.

Our partnerships with indigenous villages have proved that community-led conservation works in Peru, The Congo, and Papua New Guinea.  The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy will show that wherever you are in the world, there are answers to the threats facing these critical ecosystems.

Commonwealth citizens are leading the world in efforts to protect the forest that their communities and the planet depend on.  Together we can highlight why saving these forests should be a top priority.

It’s down to the support of The Adventurists that we’re in a position to be part of the team leading The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. Grab that gin for a toast to HM. Rumour has it we’ll all be knighted.

I have been especially touched by one such project, The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, which has been proposed by Commonwealth countries wanting to harness their collective expertise and resources to protect the world’s forests.” Her Majesty The Queen

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