We’ve got a crush on the Mongol Rally


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The Mongol Rally Launch has a special place in our hearts at Cool Earth. Like love sick school kids we write the date in our diaries surrounded by fluorescent hearts and stars. That’s why when The Adventurists asked us to run the bar this year we jumped with joy and skipped off into the sunset.

Our bar was a rainforest haven, where we fuelled teams with gin infused tea (you were right Joolz, it works). It was a delight to put faces to the names of our intrepid fundraisers. We were there to celebrate you and encourage your wondrous fundraising efforts and what a celebration it was.


As the teams rolled in it was marvellous to see so many sporting their Cool Earth gear. The iconic lurid green headbands truly making everyone’s outfits.



Once the sun went down and one or more cans were consumed the party was truly on. We danced the night away to the Baghdaddies and DJ Penny Frith, pausing only for more hard liquor.



We woke on Sunday with fuzzy heads and vague flashbacks of Buddy delivering female Ralliers into the tent by monkey bike. But we donned our Cool Earth T-shirts ready to wave those mighty one litre Mongolian machines off the start line.




With the honking of horns and desperate yells of “take us with you”, we bid farewell to our beloved Ralliers. We can only imagine the adventures they will experience. And after writing CE 4 MR in Tipp-Ex on our pencil cases, we resign ourselves to daydreaming of next year when we’ll do it all again.

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